Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watercolor for Cardmakers, Day 3 & 4

Basic Stamping with Watercolor: Water Mist on Build/Layer Stamps
I don't have any layering stamps that would really work for this, so I might try it again later.

Stamps Specifically for Watercoloring: Stamping Outlines with Distress Ink and Blurring
I might have some stamps that would work for this. I tried it one time with ink that didn't work for it (seen here, ended up adding more paint/ink) so I will have to try again with another method.

Creative Watercolor Stamping: Solid Stamp, Blend on Stamp
I tried this technique twice, and it was a total bomb the first time.

The second time was a little better. The second time was much less runny. I discovered the combination of VersaMark + Tsukineko here. Made the inks much less "beady" when water was applied, and less likely to stain the paper.

Stamp With Watercolor: Actual Paint on Stamp
I love this technique, and it's rather like the background one from before, except with actual paints. A little harder to control the water and pigment levels with paint instead of ink. I want to try this with VersaMark to up the tackiness level.

Stamps Specifically For Watercoloring
I don't have any good stamps for this technique, I don't think. Also, I think it would work best with Gelatos, which I also don't have.

Creative Watercolor Stamping: Using other items as stamps
This technique was shown with a pencil eraser, but any rubber-like item will stamp. I didn't feel like doing this technique because I couldn't come up with a good idea.

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