Monday, August 18, 2014

Classes and Challenges

I'm supposed to be taking Stretch Your Stamps 2, but I'm having a hard time playing along with everything I've got going on. Too busy to think straight, basically.

Anyway... here's three cards, two for class that are direct copies, solely for technique, and the third for the Always Playing with Paper Challenge #12, because I liked the color combo and thought it would go well with the Simon Says kit that I hadn't played with yet.

A Note: Glossy Accents is the devil. You will get it everywhere. It will bubble. You will put your thumb in it. It will fall on its face before it dries. You will hate yourself. Cards with glossy accents are like the hot buttered toast of the craft world -- you will drop it on the floor and it will be a disgusting wreck.

Another Note: Wink of Stella will re-activate your watercolor. Stella and this technique do not mix. <sigh>

Lastly, for the challenge. Love how I somehow wrecked the sentiment -- it was perfect -- before I got a photo of it. I blame the above watercolor cards. I was spraying a bit of water around. I know it's my fault, but it's still sucky.

ETA: This card was one of three runner-ups for the Challenge! I'm so totally honored!


  1. I ADORE this YUMMY card!!! The striping is so like candy! The speckles are candy sprinkles, so FUN and Great, love you thought outside the box on this one, so CUTE!! Thanks so much for joining us at The Challenge!!

  2. Great work here. Love the yummy card you created for the challenge! thanks for joining us.

  3. You crack me up Amanda. Gotta tell you that I already knew Glossy Accents was the devil. For the people who do it - they do it well... for me? not so much. You did take my breath away with that glossy Thanks card. It just looks like candy doesnt it? And those frozen pops are looking mighty good too!! YUM!

    1. I'm so glad someone understands my pain!!!! I was wearing shorts and dropped it while wet, face first, on my legs. YUCK. Thankfully, I took the photo first. It's a scrap-lifted design from the Stretch Your Stamps 2 class, and I cannot remember who gets the rightful credit for the design. But she's genius.