Thursday, January 2, 2014

Behind on crafting? Never!

I am so far behind. I thought I got caught up just in time for Christmas, but no. I missed a few important gifts and birthdays, and now I feel like a putz. Here's a few catch-ups.

I made this one for RIC #50 like a week ago, but never took a photo.

This is a wedding present for my BFF... whose wedding was in October. Luckily, she is chill, and knows I would get it to her in time! I started her Christmas present and never finished it either... :( I'm a jerk!

I found the frame at Craft Warehouse, covered it paper and embellished with ribbon, tag, flower, metal tree medallion, twine, border, sentiment sticker, and gems. I inked the edges and interior to death. I took out the black hanging ribbon it came on and replaced it with more ribbon! I hope she likes it. Their wedding was very 'forest garden zen'. I had done their invites in this purple and green. I bet she likes it. I like it. And that's rare, as you know, dear reader!

Edited: one more! Need a birthday card for tomorrow. 

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  1. Love all of your projects, and I'm sure your friend loved the gift!! Thanks for joining us on the Runway!